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original domestic brand ATTEMPT 2nd project release;; seasonal accessories products, the choice as a starting point from the function, create a new multifunctional computer backpack backpack, a black bag body through the inside and outside, and the use of high density waterproof nylon fabric to create a body, large inner space. Outside the air with collocation set; deal with the rainy season weather course, a stylish full umbrella as essential travel accessories, umbrella and umbrella placement high quality steel tank construction, equipped with black encryption PG YISHION slub cloth, natural hand handle embellishment, th cheap jordans for sale e details of the control smooth and clean. The new accessories have been on shelves, like friends may wish to consider buying. continues the legend of the Pump family, Reebok has just released a new ZPump Fusion shoes, further enhance the The Pump inflatable airbags strong performance. In addition to the starting style, but also for the first time began joint projects, production topics. Invite famous graffiti artist and Stash to collaborate to create a unique ZPump Fusion. The vamp is based on a black tone, painted with Stash's spray paint splashes and multicolored paint highlights street art. In addition to attractiv Retro jordans for sale e appearance, can be the perfect package of The Pump inflatable balloon, lightweight seamless Fusion Sleeve shoe and support high speed and pace control ZRATED outsole is the function of the key selling points. {div style=" text-align: center" 〉& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] in Asian Basketball Championship is about to be announced in the September 24, Olympic and FIBA ??(FIBA) jointly organized the "From Asia to the global" - Pick - FIBA ??(FIBA) global market launch of strategic cooperation. At the meeting, the Olympic formally signed a global strategic partnership, and released the Cheap air jordans for sale next five years the global market strategy - "Champion Program", and FIBA ??jointly explore the global market, promote the development of world basketball. This means that the international Olympic history entered a new era, but also for the challenges of the world's leading sports brand Adds a heavyweight weight. signing ceremony on Peak Group CEO Xu Zhihua and FIBA ??(FIBA) Secretary-General Patrick? Baumann completed the signing ceremony & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; combining the strengths & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Championships battle the day before, the new division champion who gets still suspense this time, the other based cheap foamposites on basketball Sports industry event quickly attracted everyone's eye. In the "Pick? FIBA ??(FIBA) global market strategic partnership" press conference scene, gathered here authoritative international basketball. FIBA (FIBA) Chairman Ivan? Mai Nini, the Secretary-General Patrick? Bowman, Iran, Lebanon, Uzbekistan Basketball Association on behalf of the participating countries, as well as representatives jointly attend the Asian Championships in Wuhan Organizing Committee for the Olympic promotion FIBA Global Strategic Partners witness, the overall size is comparable to any of the first plenary of the General Assembly of FIBA, not o cheap jordans for sale mens nly showing Pick some international appeal, but also represents the strong cooperation of the international basketball full of expectations. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; conference at the beginning, some VCR to show the Olympic movement from one child to the Asian giant's brand transformation. Stankovic Cup sponsorship from Pick, Diamond Cup, European All-Star Game to the Asian Championships, to sponsor international corps, one by one to show the Olympic and FIBA ??origin, it is precisely because more than happy to cooperate proven ability Pick to obtain the trust of FIBA ??in 2009, became the FIBA ??Asia partners. Today, Pick further Retro jordans for sale upgraded to FIBA ??global strategic partners. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; FIBA ??Secretary-General Patrick Baumann in cooperation with Olympic representation is ripe:? "There is no doubt that the Olympic strategy with an international vision, professional strength products, as well as to Asia keen insight and global markets .FIBA committed to the promotion of basketball around the world, the future we expect further cooperation with the Olympic, innovation promotion model in the world of basketball to enhance co-branded global influence and appeal. " & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in fact, the Olympic and FIBA ??after years of deep mutual cheap jordan shoes for men understanding and cooperation, and reached a certain consensus in the future global development plans. This is also the reason why Pick just two years to upgrade the FIBA ??global partners, form the basis of the conditions of strong alliances. Peak Group CEO Xu Zhihua of FIBA ??(FIBA) Secretary-General Patrick? Bowman International Olympic FIBA ??joint product series boots & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Think global & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; as a budding FIBA ??global strategic partners, Peak CEO Xu Zhihua released at the scene aims to ensure that the Olympic brand internationalization in China the process leading global market stra cheap jordans online tegy over the next five years - "Champion Program." In this program, Olympic milestones are proposed from corporate marketing, human resources management and social responsibility perspective, including: accelerating the industry's leading international brands; international sales accounted for a percentage of total income increased to 20 percent; investment in the international market doubled; doubled the size of international talent, popularity of basketball in the world one million young people and so on. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "We will end cooperation with FIBA, and actively contribute to the global promotion of basketball, Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping but by means of international cooperation, to better achieve the Olympic brand internationalization, the internationalization of capital, talent international promotion of the international market. "Xu Zhihua said. Peak Group CEO to speak at the conference & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The industry believes that this is a new milestone in the global development of the Olympic brand, along with Olympic and FIBA's global strategy to expand and look forward to the Olympic Games in London to bring new surprises for us.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] November 30 morning, hoping to project a lesson Hap Cheap air jordan 12 ovo py Sport --2013 Nike volunteering teacher training opening ceremony at the Jin Jiang Experimental School, held from Jinzhai County 28 centers in more than 60 school physical education teacher, attended the ceremony. China Youth Development Foundation program officer Wei Ping, Capital Institute of Physical Trainer Wangxue Qian representatives attended the opening ceremony. Hope Project a lesson Happy Sport --2013 Nike volunteering project is funded by the China Youth Development Foundation and Nike Sports (China) Co., Ltd. jointly carry out public projects, scheduled for October 2013 to December in the county to carry out implemented. The project aims to set up a class Project Hope? Happy Sport, help primary school students are expected to learn sports knowledge, but to master useful rule of life and life skills. Before two months, the project was completed volunteer recruitment, training, attracting 22 teams from West Anhui volunteers and Anhui Agricultural University, a total of 109 volunteers to the county 20 Hope primary schools for a period of one months of support teaching activities. This has brought happiness Textbooks team sports teachers, a six-day special training for sports teachers each county hope primary schools. China Youth Development Foundation has been highly concerned about and support the cause of Jinzhai County's Hope Project, organized the training activities, is China Youth Development Foundation to face the new situation and new tasks, Project Hope to broaden the field of education to promote old fast, comprehensive and balanced development of important initiatives, fully reflects the high degree of concern about the county children's sports education. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: shoes famous network & nbsp; global fashion brand network.)by the designer Hashimoto (Hashimoto Yui) was founded by Japanese fashion brand Ethos, with a unique aesthetic and design style and much praise. Designer is also good at in the street wear plate, into the traditional Japanese advanced fabrics and exquisite tailoring, resulting in both quality and design the perfect a single product. In the "Neo NAUGHTY one" the latest release of the 2015 winter series, we will provide you carefully selected several let a person photographic design, including a sleeve elbow with tassel details white knitted sweater; printed with "riot" black and white photos round neck sweater; full version of camouflage printed shirt, and a no collar design coach coat. source; HBX